Retro Gaming is easy!

Lately there has been a new retro gaming trend, several companies launched their retro consoles like nintendo with his new NES or his SNES also sony with the Play Station Classic. This are all awesome options to have on a console collection, but what if we want more? Lots of awesome consoles are left out like the turbografx, dreamcast, atari and so on!

Well if you want more and you don't care about having a console collection this is the best option so far: THE RETROPIE so now you are probably thinking "wow thats one expensive pi" and it certainly is! The wallet is not happy with this retro pie packs, they are pricey because setting it up, loading the cards, games, assambley, etc takes quite some time and you pay for it.

So now if your are like me you are probably thinking I can do it myself!! Yes you can, you just need drop by the retropie forum and get your image, bios, etc then load it to your pi. And now you noticed that you need joysticks!!

But what if you want to play on the go? You are going to spend all that time and effort on a console that doesn't meet your needs? NO! So meet the RETROPIE handheld it comes in diffrent forms like Gameboy style or PSP style and yes they are pricey too!

So naturally I went through the same roller coaster you are in now thinking it's all expensive, time consuming, annoying to set up, etc. Until I realized that, like me, you probably have an old android phone laying around or an old netbook we never use!

Thankfully we can now give them a good use and make them take us to the good old gaming days. If you have an android phone you can get the RetroArch app then you just download the bios you want, load your ROMs (of the game you already own... don't be a pirate) to the downloads folder and that's it!! And to complete the handheld style try out this joystick.

As you can see on the picture above, this is an old Samsung J5 I had running my favourite childhood game Medievil with the bluetooth joystick, it runs super fluid. And for the console part, which would be the old PC, you just need to install one of this three OS listed bellow.

LAKKA: I really liked lakka, the iterface its super cool with the PSP style, but on the old pc I had for testing it didn't run very smoothly so I had to move on to the next one.

RETROARCH: I had similar issues with retroarch, it ran super slow and couldn't load very well the bios of the PSX I wanted to use.

BATOCERA: In my opinion batocera was the more complete build and the one it ran the best on the intel atom pc I used.

You just add a couple of controllers, hook it up to the TV and you are good to go for a fun retro night! There are plenty of forums and youtube videos on the installation process, and the bios and games loading process for any of this OS. You can even make a bootable USB drive and use it on your daily PC, it's great!


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