Retro Echo Dot

It all started with the echo dot I have on my living room, It became my main source of music since it's so easy to ask alexa for whatever song or playlist I want and even more when I started messing around with the multi-room feature the dots have now.

So my thought was 'I want it to sound better' and got a couple of logitech speakers I had lying around, they certainly improved the sound of the dot... But the thing looked awful! So that's when I got the idea of making it look like a cool old retro radio.

First I started looking for a nice old radio that could fit all that inside of it and came across this one:

This Philips radio had the look I wanted so I went ahead taking out all the insides of it and figuring out how to add my speakers.

Then I planned where the dot would be positioned so Alexa could still hear me even with the radio playing music at a high volume.

Finally I connected everything together and took care of the cable management so the back cover of the radio fitted back in correctly.

I think the result it's pretty awesome, this is fairly easy to do and if you have an extra pair of speakers it makes a cool weekend project.

Connections are pretty simple as shown on the diagram below, you just need a wall outlet with a splitter, the usb power for the dot and connect the line in of the speakers to the dot.


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