ProShot Case Review.

I was going on vacations with some friends last summer to Mexico, CancĂșn specifically, which we all know has lots of water related activities like diving, jetski rides, etc.

That's when I started thinking how I was going to record all those sweet memories, at first I thought of getting a GoPro but I didn't like the fact of carrying two devices (phone + gopro) not to mention charging, memory cards, etc... I like to keep it as light as possible so I came across the perfect solution!


It had all I was looking for, water proof up to 50 feet!! (15 meters) also compatible with all the GoPro accessories like the floating handle, etc! So I went for it!

The case design and functionality it's awesome, you open the lid at the botton, insert your phone then seal it back and you are good to go. The front of the case it's touch, so you can actually use your phone screen when you are not in the water and then for when you are submerged there there is the ProShotCase App.

The app is really useful and well designed, it allows you to use the volume buttons to change from photos to video and more, it also disables the touch so the water doesn't do crazy things to your phone as it detects it as fingers pressed the screen.

As my vacations went on I started losing all the love I had for this case... It has some serious manufacturing issues, from regular use of putting the phone in and taking it out to charge it I started noticing cracks all over the case! I was very worried since I had lots of things left to record that I din't want to miss so I kept using it anyways knowing the risk of water damaging my phone.

As you can see on the gallery above, there are several cracks all over the case and the most fatal one is the one that keeps the case sealed from the water.

When I got back from my vacations I contacted the seller and their customer support it's awesome, they inmediately replaced the case. I had cracking issues with the new case too so the gladly replaced it a third time I actually couldn't use the third one because it was retained at customs.

I am sad that it didn't work out with this case, it is actually really good and you can tell the design is very good. Now they have a new generation case for iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XS MAX in which I hope they have solved this issues.

I invite our readers who have this new generation to leave your opinions a comments below!

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