E-Bike kit Review

I used to live a block away from the office so obviously I walked there, that was priceless since it was super green and efficient on the pocket because I didnt have to move my car at all during office hours.

I recently moved to a new place which is 8km (5 miles) away from work, so now the issue was ┬┐How do I keep my transport as green and efficient as it was before?

I explored several options, at first what caught my eye was this scooter but then I realized that it was too big and that was a problem since I was going to store it at my parking space which is not too big... so I dropped the idea of getting one.

Then I though about getting a boosted board but it was kinda pricey and also brought back some memories about the first time I used my mountainboard which I ended up with a broken hand. So doing that every day kinda sleepy in the morning was not an option.

After more reaserch I came across this awesome convertion kit to make any bike electric and that was it! I had a pretty decent bike so I went for it, there are several options when it comes to these kits, there are rear wheels, front wheels, chain kits also diffrent wattage like 250W, 500W, and so on.

I went for a rear 250W wheel, I've been using for 8 months now and it is great! I can go to work and back 2 days on a single charge going full electric, I do this so I don't arrive all sweaty to work! This means that with one charge you can ride 30km or 18 miles which is pretty awesome, according to the charger info it only costs 2 dollars per full charge which is not expensive at all compared to the bus pass.

Installing the kit was pretty straight forward the connections are pretty simple and installing the battery was pretty easy too since it goes screwed where the water bottle would be, but when it was time to install the wheel it got very hard because I had some issues with the chain and with the brakes so I ended up taking it to the bike service. They ran into some issues too, the disc of the brakes was miss alligned with the places it corresponds to of the brake itself so they had to supplement the wheel to make it fit.

The kit comes with a digital screen which shows lots of useful information about the bike:

As it shows on the picture above on the center there is a speedometer according to some reaserch I did, the kits are topped at 22km/h or 14 m/h... I've found out there is a way to disable this speed block but didn't have time to do it yet.

On the bottom of the screen there is the total distance of the kit so far, I am at 400km or 250 miles! So far I didn't had any issues with it.

The right of the screen shows wattage used by the motor, this is useful since when you are going through a hill you don't want to overpower the motor and burn it! At some point I got up to 500W which is fine if it's not over a long period of time, the ideal would be to keep it always under the wattage of the motor which in my case is 250W.

On the left we can see the assist levels, this levels work by topping the mas wattage of the motor. This means that 5 is full electric and level 1 is a minor assistance so you don't get super tired pedaling or makes it 90% easier going over a hill with a level 3 assistance.

On top there is the battery meter which is not allways 100% true in the reading!

You can change all parameters of the bike with this 3 button keypad you can see on the picture above, it has up and down buttons and a power button. It's pretty easy to use while riding, just make shure you put in a comfortable place to reach with your thumb!

The "gas" would be the following picture below, it works kinda like a trigger or a quad gas it fairly comfortable to use. You have to be holding all the time you want to go electric. The is no option to mantain the motor going without pushing it, it would be a cool feature to have though.

It also comes with custom brakes which I couldn't use unfortunately, this brakes have a magnetic sensor that cuts the power off the motor when you brake.

My advice after using to kit to someone looking into buying one would be, go for a front wheel kit and also 750W or more, some times you want more juice and 250W doesn't provide it.


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